About us

PRIMA VERITAS (from Latin - the first truth) is one of the leading patent and legal firms for the protection of intellectual property rights, which has been working in the field of intellectual property protection since 2007. Fundamental principles in the work of our company are high professionalism and efficiency.

Among the list of services provided by our firm is practical and advisory assistance to our clients on all issues related to the creation, registration of rights, use, commercialization and legal protection of intellectual property.


Benefits for you from cooperation with PRIMA VERITAS:

  • Deferred payment up to 2 months (we work without prepayment)

  • Opening of the office for registration of TM in Ukrpatent on the day of receipt of the order

  • Free preliminary consultation

  • Free patent search for registered trademarks

  • Confidentiality is guaranteed by the relevant agreement


Results of PRIMA VERITAS following the results of 2016:

  • More than 1 000 clients entrusted us with the protection of their rights in the field of intellectual property

  • 97% of positive decisions on registration of TM

  • We enter for the TOP-5 patent firms of Ukraine


Remember, every your idea is your intellectual property. But any ideas fly in the air, so quickly register your thoughts in order not to give such a chance to competitors!

Representing your interests, we observe strict confidentiality.

We will be happy to become your representatives in the field of intellectual property.

"Prima Veritas" is one of the few patent and legal firms that facilitates the registration and protection of intellectual property rights for persons who are unable to pay for such services through the Pro Bono system.

Pro Bono is professional legal assistance to charitable, public and other non-profit organizations, as well as private individuals who can not pay legal services.

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