Bar code - a code that has graphic information applied to the surface, labeling or packaging of products, to provide information about the product itself - a sequence of black and white stripes, or other geometric shapes.

The bar code is needed for:

• Identification of goods in the shops

• facilitate the conduct of accounting policy

The information contained in the bar code, printed in readable form under code in the form of numbers. In Ukraine, the bar code Full list - subject of entrepreneurial activity carried out on the basis of the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers №574 (1996). According to the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers №574, products labeled barcodes EAN, which assigns numbering organization Association "DzhiEs1 Ukraine." GS1 is a self-governing non-profit non-governmental organization.

The Association was established in September 1994 through the initiative of the Union of Economists of Ukraine, with the support of the Government of the involved ministries, departments and organizations. Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated December 12, 1994 № 821 of the Association empowered to represent the interests of Ukrainian producers and distributors in the International Article Numbering Association (EAN International) and other international associations and organizations operating in the field of automatic identification and bar coding.

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