Copyright Registration

Property and non-property copyrights accrue to author since the creation of the work. These rights do not require compulsory registration, but in certain cases (pre-trial and litigation) registration can materially help in averment of authorship and date of creation.

Thus, when you create a work, you immediately receive exclusive property and non-property copyrights. But nowadays, having the certificate of copyright registration, the authors feel more confident in the process of protection of their rights, so we still advise them to register copyrights.

So among the advantages of copyright registration there are the following:

- Proves that on a specific date you have made a declaration of your rights;

- Facilitates the process of providing proof of authorship in disputes;

- Facilitates the process of copyright registration by devolution;

- Allows you to put the object of copyright on the balance-sheet of the company.

Objects of copyright are works of science, literature and art, namely:

- written works of a literary, journalistic, scientific, technical or other nature (books, brochures, articles, etc);

- speeches, lectures, sermons and other oral works;

-computer software is a set of instructions in the form of words, digits, codes, schemes, symbols or in any other form, expressed in a computer-readable form, that enable it to achieve certain goals or results (this notion covers both an operating system and an application expressed in output or object codes);

- database is a series of works, data or any other independent information in unrestricted form, including in electronic form, in which the selection and placement of components and its organization are the result of creative work;

- musical works with or without lyrics;

- dramatic, musical drama works, pantomimes, choreographic and other works created for stage presentation, and staging versions thereof;

- audiovisual work is a work fixed on a certain material carrier (cinema film, magnetic tape or magnetic disk, CD) in the form of a series of consecutive frames (images) or analog or discrete signals reproducing moving images, the perception of which is possible exclusively by means of any sort of display (cinema screen, TV screen), on which the moving images are reproduced visually by certain technical means. The varieties of an audiovisual work are cinema films, TV films, video films, diapositive filmstrips, slide films;

- work of fine art are sculptures, painting, drawing, engraving, lithograph, a work of artistic design;

- works of architecture, urban engineering and garden and park landscaping;

- photographic works, including works made by methods similar to photography;

- works of applied art, including works of decorative weaving, ceramics, carving, casting, art glass, jewelry;

- illustrations, maps, plans, drawings, sketches and plastic works relating to geography, geology, topography, engineering, architecture;

- stage interpretations of works and interpretations of folklore versions;

- Derivative works are works that is a creative remaking of another existing work without prejudicing the existing work's protection, for instance annotation;

- collections of works, collections of folklore versions, encyclopedias and anthologies, collections of regular data;

- texts of translations for dubbing, postscoring; 

- other works.

A well-known sign © («copyright») is placed at the author's request on copies of his work, and means that there is an author’s right to make copies.

The duration of copyright is a lifetime of the author and 70 years after his death.

The deadlines for copyright registration are 2-3 months.

Necessary documents for the application for registration of copyright:
1. 1.2 page of the passport and residence permit indicating the zip *
The name of the product.?
3. Date of final completion of the program.
4. A brief description of the work (abstract).
5. A copy of the work (as needed, along with instructions on the use of the CD-ROM) correctly?
6. The contact details of the responsible person (e-mail, mob. Phone).
* Please send the information in the Ukrainian language

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