International Trademark Registration

Trademark registration abroad is needed if you run business for export or soon plan to export your products (open new branches to provide your services) outside Ukraine. So if your business interests extend beyond the borders of Ukraine, you have to register your trademark in all countries of your interest.

Prima Veritas specialists will help you in registering your trade mark rights abroad by:

  • The International Registration of Marks under the Madrid Agreement (it allows you to register trade mark simultaneously in several countries):

Advantages of the Madrid System for the Registration of Marks:

1. You can get trade mark right in 86 countries by filing just one application.

2. International registration avoids involvement of patent attorneys, which is compulsory condition for applying directly to the office of single foreign country.

3. Significant cost saving, as patent attorneys rewards are excluded, and fees for each country are only 100 Swiss francs (not including countries with individual fees).

4. It is possible to increase the amount of countries originally claimed, protection in which is provided by the applying for the territorial expansion.

5. Payment is made after the filing of the application.

In order to apply for an international registration under the Madrid Agreement, you must have a trademark certificate of Ukraine or to apply for such certificate.

Trademark registration in the International Bureau of WIPO is made for a period of 20 years (under the Madrid Agreement), for a period of 10 years (under the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement). You can extend this registration by paying the required fees.

  • European registration in the EU (it allows to register trademark simultaneously in 27 EU countries)

By this system of international registration it is possible to file one application at the same time in the 27 countries of the European Union.


- It is needed to fill only one application for European Community trademark registration. 

- There is no reference to the national registration, because previously non-registered mark can be registered as an EU trademark.

- A common language of registration.

- Uniform procedure of registration provides protection throughout the European Union.


- Refusal to register at least one EU country means the denial of registration for all other EU countries

- 100% advance payment of Application Fee

- National registration in individual countries.

If you need a point registration in selected countries (1-2 countries), which are included in the Madrid system, it is sometimes better to file a national application in the Office of each country.

As national registration provided for those countries that have not signed the Madrid Agreement or Protocol (Brazil, Canada, Iraq, Chile, etc.)

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