Registration of an Invention

The invention - a technical solution in the field of economy, industry, social development, culture, science and technology, defense, are new, practical applicability, it is useful for business. To be recognized the invention, the decision must also have an inventive step, ie, not be apparent based on current knowledge of the specialists.

According to Ukrainian law, all relations associated with the acquisition and exercise of rights on inventions and utility models are regulated by a single law of Ukraine "On Protection of Rights to Inventions and Utility Models", but these two objects of intellectual property have significant differences, for example:

1. The criteria(standart) for patentability. For the invention - a novelty, industrial applicability, an inventive step; useful model for such criteria as "inventive step" is not required.

2. Invention patent issued on the results of the qualifying examination (substantive examination), a utility model - after the formal examination under the responsibility of the applicant;

3. The term of a patent for an invention - from 18 months for utility model - 6 months;

4. The term of a patent for an invention - 20 years (with an option to renew for 5 years for drugs, protection of animal, plant protection, etc.), a utility model - 10 (non-renewable).

However, despite this, the scope of the rights granted to owners of patents for the same invention, and the utility model.

Registration of invention (utility model) consists of the following steps:

1. A patent search and examination (check for novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability. Search among the registered and submitted for registration of inventions (utility models) and identical technical developments).

If the patent study it appears that the proposed technical development does not meet the above criteria, this development will be refused registration and our experts will advise on how to modify your invention (utility model) to obtain a patent.

Skilled patent search and examination can perform specialist «Prima Veritas».

If, in its sole discretion, the applicant considers its technical development of new and patentable, under its responsibility, it may be limited to the message of the probable (possible) prototype of the invention (utility model), or by a qualified «Prima Veritas» Search probable (possible) prototype.

1. Registration (compiling) the application for registration of an invention (utility model)

At this stage, experts «Prima Veritas» draw up a request submitted by the applicant on the basis of description of the invention (utility model) and illustrations (drawings, diagrams, pictures).

1. Submission of an application to the patent office

After agreeing all the documentation the applicant we submit application materials to the Office (Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property).

After the application within two months of the applicant pays the official duties and services of «Prima Veritas».

1. The request for substantive examination

This step is relevant only to the application for an invention

At this stage, paid fee for substantive examination: accordingly - 150 UAH  for an individual and 3,000 UAH  for a legal entity.

1. The official language of the registration process of the invention (utility model) (correspondence with an expert, amendments, additions)

2. Registration of invention (utility model) and the grant of a patent

At this stage, the publication fee is paid accordingly - from 10 UAH  for individuals and from 200 UAH for a legal entity, and the fee for a patent - 17 UAH.

1. Maintaining a patent in force (payment of annual fees).

Legal protection of an invention (utility model) is acquired after obtaining a patent for the invention (useful model). However, such protection is not indefinite. The validity of a patent for an invention - 20 years (for utility model - 10 years) and is valid only upon payment of the annual fees for maintaining the patent in force.

Necessary documents for registration of a patent:

You can order the registration of an invention (utility model) or find out the cost of registration by using the contact form. Write your contact details and we will contact you!

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