Registration of trademark

Trademark registration in Ukraine is an important part of your business, it is your protection from competitors.

In what cases registration of trademark is necessary?

1. In order to protect your name.

2. In order to protect your rights from the competitors.

3. To get domain names .ua and .укр.

4. To increase the value of the business.

5. To enter your trademark into authorized capital of the company.

6. In order to obtain authorization documents.

7. To authorize the use of trademark to others (franchising, license)

8. To enter trade mark into the Customs Register of Ukraine

9. In order to file an international application under the Madrid System for the international Registration of Marks.

Thus, the registered trademark is intended to protect your rights, as well as provides you with protection from unfair competition. If you have a registered trademark, you can:

  • Use this trademark for the goods or services which it is registered for;

• Give permission for use the trademark to other persons;

• Prevent misuse of trademark, including prohibition of such use;

• Claim for damages caused by the violation of your trade mark rights.

Trade mark registration term is approximately 16-18 months. If you order accelerated trade mark registration term will be 8-9 months.

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